About Us

With 5 core members of the former Wity Machinery Group, our company was re-formed, and carry on providing converting machinery to the packaging industry. With a full line of products, we are able to offer a complete set of packaging solutions to our customers.
Some of the things we provide:
1. Various post-print solutions, such as UV varnishers, film laminators, die cutters, and sheeters.
2. Carton box production lines, including components such as automatic flatbed die cutters, and folder gluers.
3. Complete converting lines for flexible food packages, including rotogravure presses, film laminators, and seamers.
4. Aluminum lid production lines for yogurt cups, including embossers, die-cutter, slitter etc.
5. Adhesive label converting equipment, such as flexo printers, die cutters, and slitters.
6. Photocopy paper cutting and wrapping lines
As one of the pioneers in the industry, Wity Machinery has over 20 years of professional manufacturing experience and we are committed to quality and excellence. Through a combination of superior performance and affordability, our products have earned attention from customers all over the world.
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Main Products
  • Automatic Paper UV Varnishing Machine, SA-1200 This machine is a paper surface UV glazing equipment suitable for various types of paper with range of 250-600g/㎡. While treated by this machine, not only the gloss of the paper, but also the moisture and abrasion-resistance of the printed products is greatly improved.
  • DTCP-A4-5 Paper Sheeting and Wrapping Machine The DTCP-A4-5 paper sheeting and wrapping machine is a highly automated piece of equipment utilized for paper reel unwinding, sheeting, counting, conveying and wrapping.
  • Medium-speed Paper Cup Forming Machine, JBZ-12D The production process includes automatic material feeding, cup body forming and sealing, cup rim lubricating, cup bottom punching, bottom paper positioning, bottom heating, rolling, cup rim curling, finished product conveying, etc.
  • Folding Gluing Machine(Pre-folding & Bottom Lock), GK-650/780CA The folding gluing equipment is widely used for making carton box for foodstuff industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, and stationery industry. The angle of the 2nd and the 4th fold can reach up to 90° and 180°, respectively.
  • Label Die Cutting Machine WQM-320 1. This type of converting machinery is suitable for die cutting adhesive paper, dacron label and laser hologram mark.
    2. It is the ideal auxiliary equipment for flexo printing machine, silk screen printing machine, gravure printing machine and hologram mark printing machine.
  • Sleeve Label Inspection Machine, GSJP250 This machine is special designed for rewinding and quality control the film reels, especially for PVC/PET colorful shrink label.